19th January 2018

Sunday 13th May 2018, Pateley Bridge

The plans for our 2018 Yorkshire Dales Classic Trial are under way, the route is mainly unaltered from last year and the sections will be recognisable to our regular competitors. Plenty of challenge for those who like to have another attempt to better their previous scores and just a few refreshing tweaks to keep things interesting. All the paperwork is now in a format that can be easily amended from year to year and the team knows how to set up the event efficiently.

The number of cars entering Classic trials events in 2017 has dwindled somewhat so we are keen to see more of the occasional competitors out in May as well. We are grateful to the Championship contenders for their loyalty and we can assure everyone that our sections will be similarly challenging for all classes. 2017 results show that the best scores, ie, fewest marks were lost by the leaders of classes 8 and class 2, then a class 5 followed by two class 8’s and a class 5 followed by a class 6. A good spread of classes that indicates the Clerk of Course did a very good job in laying out the sections that were not favourable to just one class of specials.

Our motorcycle entrants found the dry conditions of 2017 to be rather more difficult than expected, the loose rocks on restarts in particular caused many a dropped mark where a clear was expected. We have done a lot of work to attract entrants from the trail bike groups for 2018. The biggest snag is that of tyre choice so we are expecting class X to be much larger next time. For those with trials tyres there is a wide range of classes to choose from and championship points to earn.