8th April 2020

These were initially posted on the Yorkshire Dales Classic Trial page but if anyone didn’t see them, here they are.

Thankyou to everyone who supported the raffle and Air Ambulance.

The tickets were drawn at the end of the Trial and the results are:

Name Ticket Number Prize
1st A. Webb 1413
2nd 432
3rd Hazel Stephens 1062
4th 484
5th M. Atkinson 2976 Hamper
6th 377 Tools
7th 462 Wine
8th A. Gallaway 2158 Wine
9TH John Kenny 858 Sherry
10th Nick Pollet 1021 Tee Shirt
11th 323 Tee Shirt
12TH John Able 2121 Tee Shirt
13th 2689 Tee Shirt
14th S. Gosling 1962 Tee Shirt
15th Harvey Steel 2213 Tee Shirt