14th June 2024

2020 Event – Sunday 26th April

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 virus crisis we have had to cancel our planned sporting trial at Longnor.

2019 Event – Sunday 28th April

Thankyou to everyone for their help and support at this event. We have a couple of unfortunate breakdowns but hope that everyone still enjoyed the day.

Full Results Pennine Sporting Trial 2019

1st Overall and 1st Red – Bryan Walker & Mark Simpson

2nd Red – Ian Wright & Alex Hill
3rd Red – Roland Uglow & Alison Gibbs

1st Blue Live – Jeff Armitstead & Stephen Postlethwaite
2nd Blue – Andy Wilks & Mark Smith
3rd Blue – Alan Baker & Hilary Carrott

1st Red Live – Bob Packham & Mark Tallon

1st Rookie – Darren Underwood & Sue Underwood

1st Clubman – John Firth & Ann Boyes



2018 Event – Sunday 22nd April

Thank you to all marshals, competitors and spectators for supporting our event and making it run smoothly. A fantastic day and I think we did well with the weather!

Pennine Trial 2018 Full Results

1st Overall and 1st Red – Roland Uglow & Laura Wilks

2nd Red – Ian Wright & Alex Hill
3rd Red – Boyd Webster & Tim Barrington

1st Clubman / 1st Live – Jeffrey Armitstead & Stephen Poselthwaite

1st Blue – Pat Henson & Peter Henson

1st Rookie – Sam Beare & Jemina Perham


2017 Event – Sunday 23rd April

Final Official Results Pennine Trial 2017

1st Overall – Roland Uglow & Alison Gibbs

1st Red Ind – Richard Sharp & Joe Sharp
2nd Red Ind – Peter Fensom & Liz Fensom
3rd Red Ind – John Fack & Andy Gowen

1st Red Live – Brian Thornton & Carolyn Dean

1st Blue Ind – Mike Readings & Carole Readings

1st Blue Live – Bob Packam & Mike Salton

1st Rookie – Bill Bourne & Ben Purslow

1st Clubman – Mike Salton & Bob Packam


2016 Event – Sunday 24th April

Pennine Trial Results 2016