20th July 2024

2024 Event – Sunday 12th May

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2023 Event – Sunday 7th May

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2022 Event – Sunday 8th May

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2020 Event – Sunday 24th May

Unfortunatly due to COVID restrictions we were unable to run this event.


2019 Event – Sunday 19th May

Thankyou one again to everyone who supported our event.

2019 BIKE Final Results

2019 CAR Final Results

2019 Awards Summary


2018 Event – Sunday 13th May

Thank you to all the competitors and marshals that turned out for a great day in the Dales, we hope you enjoyed it.

2018 Awards Summary

2018 Motorcycle Final Results

2018 Car Final Results


2017 Event – Sunday 7th May


All queries from the provisional results have been resolved and here are the final results and awards summary. Trophies will be engraved and then sent out.

2017 Awards Summary

2017 Motorcycle Final Results (by class)

2017 Car Final Results (by class)


2016 Event – Sunday 8th May

There were no changes made to the provisional results so here are the finals and trophy winners:
2016 Winners Summary

2016 Final Results Motorcycles

2016 Final Results Cars

Air Ambulance Raffle Results 2016

Thank you once again for your entry and we look forward to seeing you next year.