14th June 2024

The Regs for the 2016 Summer Season will be release later in the year but the dates are:
5th June @ Haw Pike    RESULTS
3rd July @ Laycock     RESULTS

We are currently searching for venues to complete this year’s championship.

*These are provisional locations and will be confirmed nearer the date

Championship points are scored 100 divided by number in class multiplied by number of competitors you beat plus 5 for starting and 5 for finishing.
You must be a member of A&P to be in championship.
You will be classed as a finisher if you complete 75% of car trial, missed hills you will be given 12 for each.
A Novice is defined as a competitor who has not won an award on a PCT or Car Trial in the last 5 years.

Dave Toft             191.82
Rupert North      136.66
John Rhodes       136.36
Amy Toft              123.33    Novice
Gary Ross            105.55    Novice
Dave Rowe             70         Novice
Andrew Hargreaves 70     Novice
Mark Halls              43.3
Edward Hargreaves 40     Novice
Mark Nickleson         20    Novice
John Heptenstall       20
Adam Ogden               10    Novice
Sam Oddy                      5    Novice