24th April 2018

26th February 2017, 11:00 signing on for 12:00 start – Rock and Heifer Inn

16 competitors signed on for our 3rd PCA at the Rock and Heifier Inn, Thornton. The morning was cold and overcast 7 of the 16 were in the beginners class, 4 experts and 5 novices. Test 1 was straight across the car park, 180 round a cone, back across though 2 cones, up the car park, 180 round a group of cones, back down to a 180 round another group of cones then back up to a 90 round cone to finish best time for this test was 24.63 secs. Test 2 was reverse  of test 1. Best time was 21.44 secs. Test 3 was straight across car park, 90 round cone, up car park, 90 round cone, across, 90 round cone back to bottom cone, back up then back down, 90 round group of cones to finish. Best time 18.03 secs and all the best times were by Joe Mallinson who won. Rupert North lost power (coil) at first, eventually got it sorted but had already lost time which cost him time. Another great day!!
Gary Ross

1st – Joe Mallinson (E) 194.97
2nd – Oliver Blair (N) 199.91
3rd – Joseph Short (B) 205.37
4th – Russ Coppin (E) 206.00
5th – Mark Williamson (B) 207.75
6th – Gary Ross (E)209.62
7th – Rupert North (E)210.82
8th – John Coppin (N) 211.32
9th – Shane Dickson (B) 214.88
10th – John Greenwood (N) 215.58
11th – Sam Oddy (N) 222.96
12th – Stuart Mitchell (B) 227.90
13th – Yvonne Coppin (B) 230.52
14th – Anthony Beaumont (B) 231.70
15th – Suzanne Greenwood (B) 232.70
16th – Eddie Drummond (N) 235.63

PCA3 Full Results 26Feb2017