23rd September 2019

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These are the provisional dates for the 2018/19 Winter Season all at the Rock and Heifer Inn car park:
Sunday 14th October 2018 – PCA1 – Full Results
Sunday 11th November 2018 – PCA2 – Full Results
Sunday 9th December 2018 – PCA3 – Full Results
Sunday 13th January 2019 – PCA4 – Full Results
Sunday 10th February 2019 – PCA5 – Full Results
Sunday 10th March 2019 – PCA6 – Full Results

The 2018/19 Championship Classes are:
– Beginner (drivers with three years or less Autotesting experience and not previously won the Beginner class)
– Novice (drivers with over three years Autotesting experience and not previously won the Novice class or another major event)
– Expert (drivers with more than five years Autotesting experience or previously won the Novice class)
Autotesting experience includes PCAs, Autotests and Autosolos.
Major event means an overall win on a National B or Association Championship level event.
The organisers may at their discretion place competitors in a different class.


The 2018/19 championship is open to both APMCC Full members and members of invited clubs. All competitors will earn points in the championship. 10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd etc. Overall championship positions are worked out in the same way but regardless of class.


2017-2018 PCA Championship Results

2016-2017 PCA Championship Results

2015-2016 PCA Championship Results

Provisional Results for 2018/19 Winter Season

Overall after Round 6:
Joe Mallinson (E) 50
John Greenwood (N) 41
Jason Crook (B) 40
Mark Crossley (B) 40
Ian Daws (B) 31
Amy Toft (N) 23
Stephen Holmes (B) 22
Andrew Crawley (B) 19
Gary Ross (E) 11
Charles Hulme (B) 9
Russ Coppin (E) 8
David Toft (E) 7
Jonathan Athay (B) 6
Jack Crossley (B) 4
Jessica Crawley (B) 4
John McLear (B) 4
Laurie Daws (B) 4
James Squires (B) 3
Lee Peasey (N) 3
Andrew Hargreaves (E) 2
Daniel Meredith (B) 2
Elliot Watson (B) 2
Elliott Shaw (B) 2
Aaren Wainwright (B) 1
Andy Walshaw (B) 1
Clive Chisnall (B) 1
Ellis Hartley (B) 1
Harry Lumley (B) 1
Harry Walshaw (B) 1
Jeremy Turner (N) 1


Joe Mallinson 50
Gary Ross 34
Russ Coppin 9
David Toft 9
Andrew Hargreaves 8


John Greenwood 60
Amy Toft 53
Lee Peasey 9
Jeremy Turner 8


Jason Crook 46
Mark Crossley 45
Ian Daws 43
Stephen Holmes 39
Andrew Crawley 25
Jack Crossley 12
Jessica Crawley 12
Charles Hulme 10
John McLear 10
Laurie Daws 10
Elliott Shaw 8
Jonathan Athay 8
Aaren Wainwright 6
Elliot Watson 6
Daniel Meredith 5
Ellis Hartley 5
Harry Lumley 5
James Squires 5
Clive Chisnall 4
Andy Walshaw 2
Harry Walshaw 1