24th April 2017

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These are the provisional dates for the 2016/17 Winter Season all at the Rock and Heifer Inn car park:
15th January 2017 – PCA1 Full Results 15Jan2017
5th February 2017 – PCA2 Full Results 5Feb2017
26th February 2017 – PCA3 Full Results 26Feb2017
19th March 2017 – PCA4 Full Results 19Mar2017
9th April 2017 – PCA5 Full Results 9Apr2017
30th April 2017 – Permit issued – PCA6 EntryForm 30Apr2017 – Tour de Yorkshire is also on this date with some roads closed so plan your route if crossing Bradford

APMCC PCA Regs for 2016-17 Series

The Championship Classes are:
– Beginner (drivers with less than two years racing experience and no event wins)
– Novice (drivers with more than two years racing experience and no class or major event wins)
– Expert (drivers with two years experience and a class or major event win)

The 2017 championship is open to both APMCC Full members and members of invited clubs who finish the event.  All competitors will earn points in the championship. 10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd etc. Overall championship positions are worked out in the same way but regardless of class.

2015-2016 PCA Championship Results

Results for the 2016-2017 Season:

Overall after Round 5:
Joe Mallinson (E) 39
Oliver Blair (N) 30
Russ Coppin (E) 25
Rupert North (E) 21
Mark Williamson (B) 20
David Robinson (E) 19
Andrew Hargreaves (N) 16
Gary Ross (E) 15
Anthony Beaumont (B) 14
John Greenwood (B) 12
James Robinson (B) 11
John Coppin (N) 10
Steve Johnson (E) 9
Joseph Short (B) 8
David Toft (E) 6
Mark Broadbent (N) 6
Neil Andrews (N) 6
Amy Toft (B) 5
Danielle Andrews (B) 4
Mark Baker (N) 4
Shane Dickson (B) 4
Paul Blair (B) 2
Sam Oddy (N) 2
Suzanne Greenwood (B) 2
Yvonne Coppin (B) 2
Chris Livesey (N) 1
Daryl Dobson (B) 1
Dominic Sedgwick (B) 1
Eddie Drummond (N) 1
Eddie Hargreaves (B) 1
Lee Peasey (N) 1
Mark Wai (B) 1
Stephen Waddington (E) 1
Stuart Mitchell (B) 1


Joe Mallinson 39
Russ Coppin 39
Gary Ross 36
Rupert North 24
David Robinson 19
Steve Johnson 10
David Toft 7
Stephen Waddington 4


Oliver Blair 46
John Coppin 38
Andrew Hargreaves 26
John Greenwood 17
Sam Oddy 15
Mark Baker 9
Mark Broadbent 9
Neil Andrews 9
Chris Livesey 7
Eddie Drummond 6
Lee Peasey 6


Mark Williamson 37
Amy Toft 23
Anthony Beaumont 23
James Robinson 20
Shane Dickson 18
Paul Blair 16
Danielle Andrews 12
Joseph Short 10
Mark Wai 9
Yvonne Coppin 9
Daryl Dobson 8
Eddie Hargreaves 8
John Greenwood 8
Suzanne Greenwood 8
Stuart Mitchell 7
Dominic Sedgwick 5