25th June 2022

Production Car trial at Fixby run by Slaithwaite on Tuesday July 2nd.
The Tuesday evening daylight in the middle of summer lasts until very late and a 7.15pm start was somewhat alarming but all was fine. A lovely evening of driving carefully through long grass by around a dozen entrants saw a mixture of Austin 7s, modern hatchbacks and a couple of bigger family saloons, even a Saab estate struggling to get around the cosy confines of a surprisingly challenging field. The Austin sevens were undoubtedly the class act as they climbed pretty well everything with little difficulty. Next was John Rhodes in an 1124cc Citroen Saxo that made best front wheel drive climbs on several sections. Results and prizegiving were conducted with little delay and most people retired to the local hostelry as darkness completed a lovely evening of motorsport. Thanks to all involved.