23rd June 2021

Sunday 13th June 2021 at Busfield’s Farm, Guiseley LS20 9JE.

Firstly thankyou to all the marshals for recording a thousand times during the afternoon and also to the Busfield’s for the use of their fantastic garden.
Everyone seemed to have a very enjoyable day and thankyou for all the kind comments coming in. There were a few casulties and the PCA results were getting thin by round 3 but everyone was still smiling despite gearbox linkages falling off, fans losing fins, running out of fuel after so many tests and some scuffs after getting too close to the poles!

Provisional Results:

Guiseley2021 – Provisional PCA Results V2 13Jun21
Guiseley2021 – Provisional Autotest Results V2 13Jun21

All the results have been entered from the marshal’s sheets and double checked. If there is a blank it means no time was recorded and counts as a maximum (fastest +20 seconds).
(If any of the Mini drivers that were rushing around at the end have times to add then let me know)
If you wish to contest a time can you please email entries@apmcc.co.uk so I can look into it and get them finalised asap.
Shared cars – please check the times have been entered against the correct driver.
Cheers – Russell