14th June 2024

It’s that time of year again. The hugely popular A&P grass autotests will take place on Sunday 1st October 2023 at Timbertops LS20 9JE starting at Noon.
The event is run on eleven acres of recently mown pastureland and is reasonably level with a few shallow bumps and dips. Whilst very low spoilers on the front of competing cars may not be suitable, standard ride heights will cause little to worry about.
The courses will be set with pairs of wooden poles that are laid out in a slalom pattern and after the ‘Start’ each pair is marked with a number from one to twelve then it’s onto the ‘Finish’ line. All competitors are timed with handheld stopwatches and scores are taken to the hundredth of a second. After attempting the six tests in order, the scorecard must be handed in to our Scorer and a fresh card obtained for the next round to a total of four rounds.


The courses will not be altered between rounds unless it becomes necessary, for example, to avoid the grass becoming badly damaged in which case the shape of a bend will be retained but moved along a short distance.
All competitors, including passengers, must produce an MSUK RS Licence and a valid clubcard at signing-on. Such licences are available for FREE on the MSUK website. A&P membership is available for £10 at signing on and other MSUK recognised club cards are acceptable.
All Competitors will be given numbers for identification purposes but are not required to compete in numerical order.
Cars may be shared by two competitors, entered as individuals, although the delay caused by swapping drivers should be minimised by allowing another competitor to slot in between their runs.
For the Production Car Autotest entries the driver must be at least 14 years old in an enclosed car or 16 years old in an open car. Non-full driving licence holders must be accompanied by a qualified passenger who has previous Autotest experience.
Passengers in closed cars must be at least 12 years old or 16 in an open car.
Autotest competitors must be alone whilst on the tests whilst PCA competitors must have a passenger.
The picturesque venue has an inside toilet, lots of level car parking space and half a dozen Alpacas that are available for stroking.
Finishing time is dependent on many variables, number of entries and weather conditions are primary but with competitors arriving after 11am, the event will probably be tidied away by 5pm. The whole event will be run to ‘Blue Book’ rules but if any detail needs to be clarified, please phone John Rhodes on 07497 285339.

Busfields Autotest 2023 regs