28th November 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Airedale and Pennine Motor Car Club Ltd. will be held on Monday 10th July 2017 starting 20:30 at Rock and Heifer, Rock Lane, Thornton, BD13 3RH.


Current Directors:
Chairman – John Rhodes
Secretary – Helen Toft
Treasurer – Russ Coppin

Current Officers:
Competition Secretary – Dave Toft
Chief Marshal – Dave Toft
Publicity – Vacant (Gary Ross and Mark Broadbent acting)
Website – Russ Coppin and Gary Ross

Current Committee:
All Directors as listed above
Dave Toft – Competition Secretary
Gary Ross – representing PCAs
Mike Fox – representing Historic/Classic Rallies
Rupert North – representing Car Trials
Yvonne Coppin – representing Stage Rallies
All Committee members support the club’s activities while acting as a representative for specialist areas.


All positions are open to nominations and should be submitted to the Secretary before the meeting including a proposer and seconder. Nomination Form